In mid-1992, visiting the Grumari region, Claudio Rondon and Inês Ferro walked into a bar located high in the mountains of Grumari Road, which connects Barra de Guaratiba to Grumari Beach. It was a beautiful place that had a panoramic view of Marambaia Sandbank.

Talking to the owner of the bar at that time, they learned that he intended to sell the property. Thus, the dream of building a restaurant in a beautiful paradise came true.


The restaurant is located in the Grumari region which is an environmentally protected area in the western region of Rio de Janeiro. It is famous for wild beaches such as “Perigoso”, “Meio”, “Funda” and “Inferno”, those accessible by trail or by sea, and the main beach “Grumari”.


Our restaurant supports the recycling of used cooking oil. Incorrect disposal of used cooking oil can cause major environmental damage. One liter of this can contaminate hundreds of liters of water. We have found that recycling of used cooking oil is a way of reducing the impact of our activities on the environment.